Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Softball Season Has Begun

  Last Wednesday we were supposed to have our first home game of the season against ISD (Indiana School for the Deaf), but the fields were too wet. So we played at the ISD's field instead, so our home game turned into our first away game! We ended up losing 12-2, but we scored which is great!  
  Then on monday, we were supposed to play our "real" first home game, but ended up getting rained out. My dress up outfit for the first home game turned into my rainy day outfit also. I was so excited to wear my new rain jacket and necklace that I bought at C. Wonder-My new favorite store! I was able to put my rain jacket to good use that day.
  Finally, today we had our first home game! We lost 18-0, but I finally got to play also! I hadn't been able to play last week, because I didn't have enough practices by Indiana high school rules. Anyways, I was lucky to be hit by my pitcher running in for a bunt-very stupid of me, so now I am the proud owner of a lovely softball bruse including the stitching. All and all today went pretty well, and I am looking forward to the team's progress!
My Rainy Day Outfit :)
Necklace: C. Wonder
Jacket: C. Wonder
Dress: Nordstrom (Similar)