Friday, May 23, 2014

#fbf (Flash Back Friday) #prom

   It has been a week now, since one of the best nights of my life! I had a wonderful time at my Junior prom. I had the perfect dress, hair, friends, date, and everything else. I went with my GBF (Gay Best Friend) and longtime friend, I have known him since 2nd Grade. Then we went with two other couples and had just the best time!
   In past year's I have had problems with prom. My Freshman year I went and my hair was a mess, because I got it done by my normal hair salon, and didn't have the courage to tell them that I didn't like it. So my mom rushed me to another salon and they repaired it as much as possible. (Tip #1: Go to a place that you KNOW is good at updos and not your regular salon, to make sure you get the right look.) Another thing I learned my Freshman year was dress length; it is important your dress is long enough that it hits the floor barefoot and not too short for heels. Otherwise, you will have people stepping on your dress all night or even your heels can be catching on your dress. (Tip #2: Get your dress length perfect-alterations if needed.) Lastly something I learned from my Freshman and Sophomore year, is to make sure you go with people that you will have fun with. If that is a date in a big group of couples, or a girls group, then do what makes you happy. (Tip #3: Go with people that will have a good time, because they can make or break your night!)
   Hopefully these 3 tips will help improve your prom experience, because it sure helped me for this year! I had the best prom night ever with good friends and a fun group! I can't wait till next year :)
Prom 2014 #bestnightever

Saturday, May 17, 2014


   OMG!!! Vineyard Vines is having their annual family and friends sale! 25% all items online and in stores (including stuff already on sale). So you better check that out! The code is, FRIENDS2014, but it is also on the front page of the website! I however, already did my shopping earlier today, so excited to get all my stuff!! YAY!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Prom Eve!

   It's the eve of my junior prom! #cray #omg #prom #yolo #music #bestnightever  I am sure these are sure to be some hashtags on my Instagram and Twitter feed tomorrow night! I am so much looking forward to prom, so much so that I bought my dress 4 months ago-in the beginning of January. (So I have been waiting months to wear my dress!)
   Tomorrow I will go through the whole routine of prom-paring (it's like preparing but for prom). I will wake up almost as early as I do for school, but be happy because I will be getting my nails done! Followed by a lovely lunch with my mom and see a movie- The Other Woman (So hyped). Then get my hair done and pick up the boutonniere, before making my way home to get my dress on and do last minute touches! Then I will spend about an hour or so taking pictures, until my teeth hurt. Finally get in the limo with my date and friends and head out to prom!
   I can't wait to post real pictures from my prom probably on Saturday's post! However, until then here is a wonderful classic prom look for any theme and any girl :)
Dress: Donna Morgan 'Laura'
Shoes: Menbur 'Franz' (Similar)
Necklace: David Yurman (Original)
Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Clutch: Jimmy Choo (Original)
(Both the Clutch and the Necklace could be
found for cheaper at Charming Charlie's)

Exciting News!!!!

   I have been added to Her Campus Blog Network! You can find my blog: Robin's Randoms in the DIY, Entertainment, Fashion, and Lifestyle Sections!! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing network of wonderful blogs!
   If you want to know if a blog is a part of the Her Campus Blog Network you will find a logo on every blog that is a part of the network. (Including mine now!)
Screen shot from my blog!
   I am so honored and excited with how well this blog is doing and can't wait to continue the journey!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Movies on my radar!

   With summer coming up and even now for some people (Which I am super jealous about!). All the best movies of the year are coming out soon or have already come out! I am hoping to make this post a before and after post. I am going to put my top 10 movies that I want to see this summer and then give a total review at the end of the summer! So what are my top 10 movies on my summer must see list? (By the way I am doing it in release order because I can't pick favorites yet!)
The Other Woman, is a hilarious comedy about Carly (Cameron Diaz) discovering that her boyfriend, is hiding a secret. That is he is married to (Leslie Mann) and after the two meet, they begin their plan of revenge. Until they meet (Kate Upton) another mistress, who joins in on this plan. I am looking forward to seeing the adult version of John Tucker Must Die.
The Neighbors (Family v.s. Frat), I am looking forward to see the shirtless Zach Efron and the hilarious Seth Rogen as they become neighbors and the war begins! I know it wouldn't be the most intelligent movie ever, but it sure could be one of the funniest! Plus Dave Franco is in it too!
Million Dollar Arm, I  can't wait to see this movie, because it looks uplifting and inspiring. Disney, which I love, always does a wonderful job with movies based on true stories. I also am excited to see the movie because it is baseball and to me summer means baseball.
Blended, the comeback of the funny team of Sandler and Barrymore, first being 50 First Dates. This movie is about two single parent families ending up on a "Family Honeyingmoon" in Africa! After the two went on a terrible date, they get to spend a wonderful family holiday together. This is sure to be a funny movie that will be remembered.
A Million Ways to Die in the West, a stupid and "pee your pants funny" movie from Seth MacFarlane who is the man behind Ted and Family Guy. This almost modern and hilarious western movie that from the previews seems similar to Mel Brook's Blazing Saddles
Disney's Maleficent is a must this summer for every Disney fan. The other side of the classical fairy tale: Sleeping Beauty. I know I have and others are probably wanting to know what was Maleficent's motif and her early connection with Aurora. 

The Fault In Our Stars, based off the novel by John Green (Lives in Indiana- Reping the Hoosiers). It is a modern day love story about Hazel, a 16 year old cancer patient, and Augustus, also a 16 year old cancer patient, but in remission. The novel/movie is all about living in the moment and what love is really about. 
22 Jump Street, the anticipated sequel to 21 Jump Street. The movie starts off with a twist, "the only problem is that the Koreans bought back the church so we are moving you across the street, to 22 Jump Street." From there the boys go undercover, but this time they are going to college. This is sure to be hilarious and live up to the first movie.
Tammy= Melissa McCarthy=Funniest Woman Alive! That is all that is needed and I know it will be amazingly funny!
If I Stay, coming sometime in September and stars ChloĆ« Grace Moretz. She is an average teenage girl wanting the guy of her dreams to notice her, but also musically talented along with her family. But one second changes her life, when her family dies in a car crash and she has to decide "If I stay" and come out of the coma which she is in, and looking outside on the world. It seems like a similar idea to  Just Like Heaven, so hopefully it is good!

I can't wait to see all of these amazing movies!! :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer...Where art thou?

   I am down to less than three weeks left of school and then three days of finals and then I AM DONE!- Senior Year begins!!!! I am looking forward to all of that excitement but first off, Prom is on Friday and I couldn't be more excited! (I will be sure to post pics and also a recap on this prom filled season of fashion-sometime this coming weekend!) I am looking forward to graduation and all the parties to celebrate close friends that I have had for three years now! But also I am just excited for SUMMER!!!
   I always have a summer bucket list, something I can look at and pick something to do when bored. I finally feel so involved and positive there is NO WAY for me to be bored that this summer, I won't have a bucket list. I will experience everything unplanned and enjoy the special moments that will come with that! However, I will be doing a lot of traveling and working, and of course playing volleyball- got to prepare for senior year volleyball! I am looking forward to all the fun days by the pool, shopping with friends, road trips to college and amusement parks, and hopeful some just good relaxing days. (That's what summer is all about anyways, relaxing before school starts up)- I will need a lot of relaxing before Senior year, you can count on that!!!
   It's officially t-minus 25 days till Summer for me!! What is your count-down? :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Last Friday Night"- Yesterday?

   Last night was Friday, and in Katy Perry's iconic song "Last Friday Night", it goes
Last Friday night
Yeah, we danced on table tops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot
This is the hopes for everyone's Friday night, however mine was not. I am happy with that! I spent the evening cheering on my softball team to a close game losing 12-13 (Best game of the season!). Followed by going to Five Guys for dinner and random shopping at Target. I then went home to watch 10 Things I Hate About You, because at Five Guys they were playing, "I want you to want me"(Which happens to be one of my FAVORITE SONGS!). Then proceeded to make gluten-free cupcakes, eat Swedish fish, and watch 10 Things I Hate About You! What a perfect night :)
Here is the final scene from 10 Things I Hate About You, my favorite part!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Random Thought!

   This is exciting! I feel that I actually have people reading my blog, and that maybe "you" all don't hate it! I don't know exactly who is all reading this but thank you! I can't wait to keep writing :)

1,000 views and it is only the beginning!!!

Run as fast as you can!!

   The big rave right now and has been for a little are color runs! They are normally 5k/3.1m runs, but with a twist like wearing all white and then at the end getting colored corn starch thrown everywhere hence the "color" run! I have been wanting to do one for a while now, I was signed up to do a color run- Graffiti Run a couple weeks ago. However, was unable to because of a concussion, but now being un-concussed as of today; I can start my search for a new color run!
   But even people I do my actual color run, I am hoping to do color run inspired photo shoot, as being a Senior Model for Marci and Victor Photography (MVP for short)! So to inspire you all to enjoy the summer season which is coming up here are some pictures and links for color runs all over the United States and the world!
The Color Run- The Happiest 5K
Color Me Rad- Your excuse to let loose
Graffiti Run- Love in full color
Color Vibe- Fun. Energy. Party!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My name is Robin...

   Hi, my name is Robin... and I have a problem. (Then in my head I hear: "Hi Robin") But really I have a problem, I don't have enough money for all the clothes i.e. t-shirts and hats that I want so badly!! That is my addiction comfy t-shirts!
   I have been surfing the internet for weeks for summer clothes, and then finally today it hit 84F. It was finally HOT for the first time this year. I wanted to scream with excitement! I also realized that my dress style of jeans and a cute tank and sweater was getting a little too warm for this kind of weather. So now I get to move onto t-shirts to die for with running shorts for the end of the school year! One because regular shorts are too short for school- me being so tall. Two because it is getting into APs and Finals season, so everyone is dressing comfortably to say the least! So I get to wear cute t-shirts, running shorts, with the perfect preppy accessories, and of course a smile on my face!
   I have found the four holy websites for perfect t-shirts: Vineyard VinesSouthern ProperSouthern Marsh, and Lauren James! They all offer cute, bright, and preppy t-shirts for any girl and guy (but the Lauren James is just girls).
Here are some of my favorites!
Southern Proper- Red, White, & Bow Tee 
Lauren James- Girl's Best Friend
Vineyard Vines- Long-Sleeve
Southern Marsh-Authentic Long Sleeve

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

90's Comeback!

   I recently wrote a post about a month ago about Charli XCX and her new song- Boom Clap from The Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack. But more recently I am in love with the song Fancy by Iggy Azalea ft: Charli XCX! It is a great up beat song that I am sure will be a summer hit.
   The main reason I love Fancy is because of the music video!!! It is based on the movie Clueless (DEFINITION OF THE 90's!) plus one of my favorite TV shows. 90's comeback with Fancy music video and then Boy Meets World is having its spin-off Girl Meets World start this week! So much fun 90's news!
Check out the Fancy Music Video!

Monday, May 5, 2014


   I am excited to announce that I will be a Senior Model for Marci and Victor Photography next year! I am looking forward to the opportunity to represent their wonderful company and get the BEST Senior pictures ever! I hope if you are in the Indy area that you also check them out! 
   Happy Monday to me! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

College... I'm only a Junior!

  I just got back from a full trip to Kentucky and back in less than 24 hours! 7 hours were of driving and 9 hours were of sleeping! So it has been a busy weekend already! 
   I am excited to be looking at schools and preparing for the coming four years that college in tells but I am also not wanting to put in all the effort of looking at colleges! I just want to be like here.. I want to go to (file in name later) school and then they tell me that I am accepted!!! Is that really that hard!!!! 
   Anyways!! I got a really cute Lilly Pulitzer dress out of the college trip! Can't wait to get even more later over the summer on shopping road trips! My favorite new store- Peppermint Palm in Louisville! They are fabulous and will help with all your Lilly needs. Plus they have a website- so google them sometime! 
   Have a happy Saturday to all and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Random Thought

As I am just about to go to bed. I see all these notifications of likes and followers and READERS!!! I want to thank you for reading my blog and following me. Please let me know what you want more of! And follow my Facebook page: 
Have a great night!!!

Summer 2014: Breakdown of Outfits

   It's here, it's finally May. There are flowers, sun, and no more snow! To celebrate this wonderful season called spring, I am going to talk about my breakdown of outfits for summer! There is lots of preppy influence, with bright colors and classic looks.

T-Shirt: Southern Proper Tee
Shorts: Black Running Shorts
Shoes: Nike Downshifter 5
Phone case:Lilly Pulitzer Case
Hat: Pink Gingham Frat Hat
This is my typical summer day outfit! It's something quick but cute to throw on before taking your dog on a walk, or doing a quick Starbucks run with friends! This outfit is fun, bright, colorful, and works for any type of girl.
Shirt: Vineyard Vines Classic Polo
Shorts: Vineyard Vines Dayboat Shorts
Scarf: Sperry Top-Sider Blue Anchor
Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes
Bag: Longchamp Large Tote
This outfit is great for work or shopping with friends. It is a classic and preppy summer look that is a must have for everyone! It is timeless and mature that gives a great first impression to anyone. Plus it is always super cute!
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Dusk-Strappy
Cardigan: 3/4 Cardigan Sweaters (Multiple Colors)
Shoes: Jack Rogers Sandals
Earrings: Pearl Studs
Bracelet: Pearl Bracelets (Set of 3)
Purse: Marley Lilly Cross Body Clutch
This final summer outfit is perfect for the backyard wedding, Sunday brunch, or just dressing up for a fun occasion with friends! I love the classic designers like Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers, along with the classic pearl look. This outfit is timeless but up to date!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


   In honor of a wonderful senior-Gabby at my school who hosted Indy's first story slam last night, I am going to talk about some of my firsts. (Since firsts were the theme for last night's story slam)
   My first day of high school, which really wasn't so long ago. I mean, it was only 991 days ago-roughly. It also happened to be my first day of private school, so I got to have two firsts, which is pretty special. I didn't know how special it was until now.
   Looking back my high school has offered me so many firsts in my life. The first time I traveled by myself, was to Rome for January term, which also was my first January term. The first time I ran in the Spirit Run. The first time I felt smart. The first time ever standing up for human rights. The first time I got an A+/ 100% by myself. The first time EVER I played softball. The first time I was a part of a Dance Marathon. The first time I am not afraid to go to college. The first time I was president of something. The first time I started a club. The first time going to a leadership conference- with friends in California. The first time driving to school by myself, because my school doesn't have school buses. The first time I had to have a blog. The first time starting varsity for volleyball. The first time I started a fire. The first time I was interviewed for a newspaper. The first time I had to be outside in a snow squall- hopefully it was also the last time. The first time I felt noticed. The first time I particapted in the Polar Plunge (It was extremely cold and can't wait for next year!) The first time I am not considered stupid, but helpful. The first time I finally feel like me, Robin!
   I have only 364 days (not counting today) till May 1st, 2015! Decision day for me, I will be wearing my college t-shirt in exactly one year. My new home for the following four years. I have 402 days till I graduate from high school. It doesn't seem like 991 days I was just starting high school, and now it's almost over. I can't wait to see all the firsts that will come to me in the next 402 days, and also the unlimited number of days to follow that!