Sunday, April 27, 2014

I love my job!

   I am lucky enough to work at the cutest Vera Bradley Boutique in Indiana! I have always loves Vera Bradley and now I get 25% whenever I want, but also I have the greatest boss and coworkers. I love talking with people and getting them the perfect piece for their life. Plus I get the advantage of knowing all the upcoming patterns and new styles before everyone else!
   Since I work for Vera Bradley, I am going to go over what I think are the summer must haves!

The Four Must Haves for Summer
  1) The All-in-one Crossbody in Petal Paisley, it works great for traveling and mostly for summer, like all day concerts. It's great because it holds most smartphones and holds cash and credit cards
- which is all you need.
2) Hybrid Hardcase for iPhone and Samsung phones with matching Lanyard in Flutterby. These two little accessories are cute to brighten up your everyday things!
3) The Cell Phone Crossbody in Flower Shower, is great for the grab on your way out days. I think that this crossbody is best for the beach or pool. All you need is your phone along with a little cash and you're set for fun in the sun!
4) Collapsable Duffle in Fanfare, is great to throw in a bag when traveling for extra things, or when you are exploring farmers markets in the summer and you need an extra bag. It's small but can be used for so many things during a fun and exciting summer!

I hope you enjoy this post and others on my blog!