Thursday, May 1, 2014


   In honor of a wonderful senior-Gabby at my school who hosted Indy's first story slam last night, I am going to talk about some of my firsts. (Since firsts were the theme for last night's story slam)
   My first day of high school, which really wasn't so long ago. I mean, it was only 991 days ago-roughly. It also happened to be my first day of private school, so I got to have two firsts, which is pretty special. I didn't know how special it was until now.
   Looking back my high school has offered me so many firsts in my life. The first time I traveled by myself, was to Rome for January term, which also was my first January term. The first time I ran in the Spirit Run. The first time I felt smart. The first time ever standing up for human rights. The first time I got an A+/ 100% by myself. The first time EVER I played softball. The first time I was a part of a Dance Marathon. The first time I am not afraid to go to college. The first time I was president of something. The first time I started a club. The first time going to a leadership conference- with friends in California. The first time driving to school by myself, because my school doesn't have school buses. The first time I had to have a blog. The first time starting varsity for volleyball. The first time I started a fire. The first time I was interviewed for a newspaper. The first time I had to be outside in a snow squall- hopefully it was also the last time. The first time I felt noticed. The first time I particapted in the Polar Plunge (It was extremely cold and can't wait for next year!) The first time I am not considered stupid, but helpful. The first time I finally feel like me, Robin!
   I have only 364 days (not counting today) till May 1st, 2015! Decision day for me, I will be wearing my college t-shirt in exactly one year. My new home for the following four years. I have 402 days till I graduate from high school. It doesn't seem like 991 days I was just starting high school, and now it's almost over. I can't wait to see all the firsts that will come to me in the next 402 days, and also the unlimited number of days to follow that!