Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why I love my blog!

   I was lucky enough to find out that I have a concussion!- Very exciting, because I get to be bored for the next week. I am supposed to be on my laptop and phone only for immediate stuff, like school, talking to family, i.e. the necessities. However, I have so much free time that I need to blog; that's why I love my blog!
  I have been spending most of my new found free time doing waterworks- which I enjoy but never have time! (I will hopefully post one soon) I also have been online shopping, sleeping, thinking about being bored, and reading blogs when my head isn't pounding so loud. I was able to catch up with Prep Avenue, College Prep, and Prep In Your Step! - MY FAVORITE BLOGS! (They are like my daily bible)
   On Prep In Your Step, a couple of days ago, Dorothy posted about this summit/conference in New York this summer. Always wanting to go to New York and loving summits, read about it, and I hope I get the change to go! Prep In Your Step- Smart Girls Summit, is the article link about what the summit is about and links to the website! The Smart Girls Group who is running the summit, is all about empowering young women, by giving them the networks and opportunities with companies and fellow Smart Girls around the world to let the Smart Girls be Smart!
   I can just say that I recommend that everyone who can go, to go! Hopefully I will be able to go and have a wonderful time in New York this summer at The Smart Girls Summit!