Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

   On this 44th Earth day, (which I learned today!) I challenged myself to become more green! I will start being green very soon- I need some free time to help the environment. However, I feel even more motivated to help because I wasted so much paper today...
   I went to go get my car washed, because it was so dirty and just needed it . The guy at Mike's Car Wash even told me that he thought my sunroof was open, but it didn't seem like it. (I was wrong!) When I got of my car, my sunroof was wet through, and it was raining in my car! So I went through tons of paper towels to clean it up. Not the best way to celebrate Earth Day! 
   I do hope to see Disney Nature's Bears to have some of my ticket be donated to the national forest funds. I will be sure to write about the movie soon. 
   Happy 44th Earth Day Everyone!