Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Outfit of the Day- Gotta talk about it!

   Today April 30, 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls being released. It's just happened to be a Wednesday and obviously as we all know on "Wednesdays we were pink"! So today I have this really cute outfit picked out it's my two absolutely favorite monogram pieces and both of them contain pink and let's cha-cha pattern Lilly Pulitzer.
   Both my long sleeve monogrammed pocket shirt and my quarter zip monogrammed sweatshirt are from this website, Palm Gifts, they also have an Etsy store. (Which is where I found them) They are my go to monogram store for anything that I need! I highly recommend checking them out. Plus seeing if there's anything that you like and preferably pink because it's Wednesday!

This is the 1/4 zip sweater with Lilly Pulitzer Monogram
This is the Long sleeved monogram pocket with Lilly Pulitzer
Love my monograms!
Have a bright and colorful day, that is filled with monograms and see you in May!