Saturday, April 12, 2014

What I think would make the "Best Movie"- Wish You Were Here

I am currently in my second semester of Junior year. And since I live in Indiana and the requirements for my diploma include 8 semesters of English. Therefore I am obviously taking an English class; this semester I am taking American Contempory Novels! (It's all about adolensce, troubles in High School, and finding your place in society-very exciting)
In my Cont Novels class we recently read, Barbara Shoup's Wish You Were Here. ( My two second plot summary- it's about a senior boy, named Jackson and his friend Brady. However, Brady decides to run away before his senior year. Then Jackson has to deal with Brady being gone, his Mom's remarriage, and new love interests.) There is a lot more to the book, which is why I am recommending it to become a movie. 
My Random thought is that Wish You Were Here would make the "perfect" movie! If you are a living-breathing human you know that the teen movies right now are: Divergent, Endless Love, The Fault in Our Stars, and All Nicolas Spark Novels! They all contain an "it" factor that us, teenagers are craving so much- exciting love stories. However, also the ability to compare and relate to characters is second in my theory. We want to be able to put ourselves in the movie and experience a different life- possibly in a different time period. The Perks of Being A Wallflower is a good example of why Wish You were Here needs to become a movie- the 90's. 
The 90's is when most of the modern teenagers/adolensce were born. It is something that has modern refers and is fascinating to people like me- born in the 90's. ( I was born in 1996) Wanting to know what life was like just before you were born, wondering what life would have been like for you in only you were born 15 years earlier. 
The Perks of Being A Wallflower also takes on a challenging topic of abuse, drugs, alcohol, and homosexuality and how all of that fits into the 90's. Wish You Were Here takes on topics of divorcee, moving, alcohol, relationships, sucidie, and of course High School in Indiana. 
Again this is my random thought, and much like random thoughts it rambles and is probably very confusing but also logical! Hope you enjoy it and look for a couple every week or so!