Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Outfit of the Day- Gotta talk about it!

   Today April 30, 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls being released. It's just happened to be a Wednesday and obviously as we all know on "Wednesdays we were pink"! So today I have this really cute outfit picked out it's my two absolutely favorite monogram pieces and both of them contain pink and let's cha-cha pattern Lilly Pulitzer.
   Both my long sleeve monogrammed pocket shirt and my quarter zip monogrammed sweatshirt are from this website, Palm Gifts, they also have an Etsy store. (Which is where I found them) They are my go to monogram store for anything that I need! I highly recommend checking them out. Plus seeing if there's anything that you like and preferably pink because it's Wednesday!

This is the 1/4 zip sweater with Lilly Pulitzer Monogram
This is the Long sleeved monogram pocket with Lilly Pulitzer
Love my monograms!
Have a bright and colorful day, that is filled with monograms and see you in May!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Random Thought!!!

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  Hope you enjoy!

Why I love my blog!

   I was lucky enough to find out that I have a concussion!- Very exciting, because I get to be bored for the next week. I am supposed to be on my laptop and phone only for immediate stuff, like school, talking to family, i.e. the necessities. However, I have so much free time that I need to blog; that's why I love my blog!
  I have been spending most of my new found free time doing waterworks- which I enjoy but never have time! (I will hopefully post one soon) I also have been online shopping, sleeping, thinking about being bored, and reading blogs when my head isn't pounding so loud. I was able to catch up with Prep Avenue, College Prep, and Prep In Your Step! - MY FAVORITE BLOGS! (They are like my daily bible)
   On Prep In Your Step, a couple of days ago, Dorothy posted about this summit/conference in New York this summer. Always wanting to go to New York and loving summits, read about it, and I hope I get the change to go! Prep In Your Step- Smart Girls Summit, is the article link about what the summit is about and links to the website! The Smart Girls Group who is running the summit, is all about empowering young women, by giving them the networks and opportunities with companies and fellow Smart Girls around the world to let the Smart Girls be Smart!
   I can just say that I recommend that everyone who can go, to go! Hopefully I will be able to go and have a wonderful time in New York this summer at The Smart Girls Summit!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I love my job!

   I am lucky enough to work at the cutest Vera Bradley Boutique in Indiana! I have always loves Vera Bradley and now I get 25% whenever I want, but also I have the greatest boss and coworkers. I love talking with people and getting them the perfect piece for their life. Plus I get the advantage of knowing all the upcoming patterns and new styles before everyone else!
   Since I work for Vera Bradley, I am going to go over what I think are the summer must haves!

The Four Must Haves for Summer
  1) The All-in-one Crossbody in Petal Paisley, it works great for traveling and mostly for summer, like all day concerts. It's great because it holds most smartphones and holds cash and credit cards
- which is all you need.
2) Hybrid Hardcase for iPhone and Samsung phones with matching Lanyard in Flutterby. These two little accessories are cute to brighten up your everyday things!
3) The Cell Phone Crossbody in Flower Shower, is great for the grab on your way out days. I think that this crossbody is best for the beach or pool. All you need is your phone along with a little cash and you're set for fun in the sun!
4) Collapsable Duffle in Fanfare, is great to throw in a bag when traveling for extra things, or when you are exploring farmers markets in the summer and you need an extra bag. It's small but can be used for so many things during a fun and exciting summer!

I hope you enjoy this post and others on my blog! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Random Thought

   Why can't there be a Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines in INDIANA! They have stores in every other state in the Mid-West. Indiana is the "Cross Roads of America", so there needs to be classic companies in Indiana! Just a Random Thought.
Store Locator for Lilly Pulitzer- Indiana Needs One!

Hi my name is Robin...

   Hi, I'm Robin and I have a problem with online shopping! I have spent most of my recent weeks constantly online shopping. (OMG I NEED A LIFE!) I have been able to find the greatest deals and summer collections just released, but have no money to spend! I hope others will find these useful, while I earn some money. Haha
Check these out!
Lilly Pulitzer just released their summer 
patterns and new styles last night!- They are to die for :)

Saks Fifth Avenue is having 25% off now through
Monday 4/28- this includes some of the new Lilly
Pulitzer and Jack Rogers!

Nordstrom-Sale has a lot of great brands on SALE!!
They have Jack Rogers, Longchamp, Tory Burch, 
Kate Spade, and many more on sale!

Last but not least...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

   On this 44th Earth day, (which I learned today!) I challenged myself to become more green! I will start being green very soon- I need some free time to help the environment. However, I feel even more motivated to help because I wasted so much paper today...
   I went to go get my car washed, because it was so dirty and just needed it . The guy at Mike's Car Wash even told me that he thought my sunroof was open, but it didn't seem like it. (I was wrong!) When I got of my car, my sunroof was wet through, and it was raining in my car! So I went through tons of paper towels to clean it up. Not the best way to celebrate Earth Day! 
   I do hope to see Disney Nature's Bears to have some of my ticket be donated to the national forest funds. I will be sure to write about the movie soon. 
   Happy 44th Earth Day Everyone!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, Monday- And Spring is Here!

   Spring is here, the flowers blooming, the sun shining, and the warmth from the sun outside! I have been waiting for spring since winter began back in November. I am looking forward to sundresses, sandals, bright colors, and the pool opening! I have been so excited recently because of the warm weather and longing for summer, by spending time in class- online shopping :)

 Robin's Top Picks for Spring/Summer 2014
1. Lilly Pulitzer Dress
Lilly Dresses are perfect for spring and summer,
because it reflects bright colors and flowers!
2. Jack Rogers (On Sale!)
Jack Rogers Sandals are the perfect with any
Lilly dress or preppy outfit! They are a must :)
3. Vineyard Vines Swim
I love Vineyard Vines and their sales.
They have wonderful and fun clothes!
4. Lauren James Tee
The oversized tee is perfect and preppy
for any day of the week and super cute!
5. Marley Lilly Monogram Hat
Monograms are everything! Plus everyone
 needs a cute baseball hat for summer :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Random Thought

   I am ready for new! I am just feeling stuck in my own life. I am becoming a new person but stuck in the past. I am down to 6 weeks left in my junior year, and I am on edge ready for summer and senior year. I am so excited to have adventures and just enjoy life! I am ready to try something new, but I don't know what yet. I guess I will just have to wait and see! 

Happy Easter

   Happy Easter to all! I love Easter so much, because it is such a fun and bright holiday. Plus every year I get a bright and colorful easter dress. This year I got the cutest Vineyard Vines dress on sale in Chicago over spring break. I absolutely love it :)
Vineyard Vines Dress
   Then in my Easter basket, my mom got me a place holder for a Marley Lilly Monogram baseball hat! I am so excited for it to arrive, I will be wearing it everyday outside in the summer. I am looking forward to warm summer days and more summer dresses.
Marley Lilly Hat

   Here's to a very preppy Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Favorite Movies-Shakespeare Edition

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs College Prepster. I am doing a post today about some of my favorite movies, which all happen to be modern versions of Shakespeare plays. 
1. Romeo + Juliet
This movie is a recreation of one of the best love stories
of all time. It is modern and beautiful, and has Leonardo
DiCaprio in it. Need I say more as to the perfection of
this movie! Highly recommend if you haven't seen it.
2. 10 things I hate about you
A movie to represent why the 90's were wonderful.
The complex storyline and twist and turns makes
this movie both high school romantic and hilariously
fun! This movie is based off Taming of the Shrew.
3. She's the Man
One of the best movies ever, I think. The story is of two
 twins Viola and Sebastian, and Viola pretending to be
Sebastian while he is away. It's filled of hilarious
confusion, multiple love triangles, and is based off Twelfth Night.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Softball Season Has Begun

  Last Wednesday we were supposed to have our first home game of the season against ISD (Indiana School for the Deaf), but the fields were too wet. So we played at the ISD's field instead, so our home game turned into our first away game! We ended up losing 12-2, but we scored which is great!  
  Then on monday, we were supposed to play our "real" first home game, but ended up getting rained out. My dress up outfit for the first home game turned into my rainy day outfit also. I was so excited to wear my new rain jacket and necklace that I bought at C. Wonder-My new favorite store! I was able to put my rain jacket to good use that day.
  Finally, today we had our first home game! We lost 18-0, but I finally got to play also! I hadn't been able to play last week, because I didn't have enough practices by Indiana high school rules. Anyways, I was lucky to be hit by my pitcher running in for a bunt-very stupid of me, so now I am the proud owner of a lovely softball bruse including the stitching. All and all today went pretty well, and I am looking forward to the team's progress!
My Rainy Day Outfit :)
Necklace: C. Wonder
Jacket: C. Wonder
Dress: Nordstrom (Similar)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snow in Indiana: Welcome to Spring in the Mid-West

  Today when I got up I had the amazing and saddening opportunity to see snow outside my window. How exciting, I just want snow everyday and forget about summer, NOT! I can't be more ready for summer, sun, swimming, no school, and days with temperatures above 32 F. Until that happens I can only think and dream about the top three things summer has in store for me.
1. Days by the Pool
2. Road Trips with Friends
3. Sand Volleyball

And so many more exciting things!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Senior Year...

    I have about 7 weeks of school left in my junior year, then I will officially be a Senior!!! It doesn't feel real, high school has been great and I am not ready to think about leaving. I do however have to think about senior year, what classes to take and also begin to look forward to all the amazing experiences awaiting me, like college. Some person at sometime said, "High School is the best time of your life".  I don't believe it's the best time of your life, but the beginning of your life-the exciting new adventure that awaits.
   I am reading Looking For Alaska by John Green, and the main character Miles "Pudge" is looking for a "Great Perhaps" and today I began to think of my "Great Perhaps". I know that one of mine was transferring from public school to private school, my life would have been so much more different if I hadn't and I am grateful for it. Since I did, I have been able to enjoy high school and not look forward to leaving next year. I don't want high school to be over, but I know once it is there is so much awaiting for me. I will be on my own, living out my dreams, and creating more "Great Perhaps" for myself.

Random Thought

  I am so excited for The Fault in Our Stars movie coming out June 6th, and they have already released some of the songs from the soundtrack. There is one song Boom Clap by Charli xex, that I just can't get out of my head! I have it on constant replay in my car. So check it out!!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Preppy? . . . I Think YES!

   Back in January, I was feeling pretty down because of the weather. I was wearing the same thing everyday- leggings and a sweatshirt. I was so bored with my closet and look, so I decided just out of the blue that I was going to become preppy. So for the past 3 months I have been transforming my closet, accessories, and of course monograming everything!!! I have done the research and put in the time. So I have come up with the "10 Steps to a Preppy Life".

10 Steps to a Preppy Life
  1. Order your first Monogram- Mine is RMM (First, Last, Middle)
  2. Just google "preppy" or "prep" blogs and begin to learn. Some of my favorites are: Prep AvenueCollege Prep, and Prep In Your Step
  3. Go through your closet to begin the search for your preppy clothes.
  4. Know your brands: Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, J. CrewSperryVineyard Vines, etc. 
  5. Know that brands can be expensive, so also try: New York and Co., Nordstrom, C. Wonder, and Gap
  6. You should always be organized and looking your best!
  7. Being preppy doesn't mean you are rich, it means you care about your appearance.
  8. Have the Go-To Bag: Longchamp it's great for any situation and is very preppy!
  9. Have fun with creating your new style; preppy people are happy people.
  10. Know that preppy never goes out of style! :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

What I think would make the "Best Movie"- Wish You Were Here

I am currently in my second semester of Junior year. And since I live in Indiana and the requirements for my diploma include 8 semesters of English. Therefore I am obviously taking an English class; this semester I am taking American Contempory Novels! (It's all about adolensce, troubles in High School, and finding your place in society-very exciting)
In my Cont Novels class we recently read, Barbara Shoup's Wish You Were Here. ( My two second plot summary- it's about a senior boy, named Jackson and his friend Brady. However, Brady decides to run away before his senior year. Then Jackson has to deal with Brady being gone, his Mom's remarriage, and new love interests.) There is a lot more to the book, which is why I am recommending it to become a movie. 
My Random thought is that Wish You Were Here would make the "perfect" movie! If you are a living-breathing human you know that the teen movies right now are: Divergent, Endless Love, The Fault in Our Stars, and All Nicolas Spark Novels! They all contain an "it" factor that us, teenagers are craving so much- exciting love stories. However, also the ability to compare and relate to characters is second in my theory. We want to be able to put ourselves in the movie and experience a different life- possibly in a different time period. The Perks of Being A Wallflower is a good example of why Wish You were Here needs to become a movie- the 90's. 
The 90's is when most of the modern teenagers/adolensce were born. It is something that has modern refers and is fascinating to people like me- born in the 90's. ( I was born in 1996) Wanting to know what life was like just before you were born, wondering what life would have been like for you in only you were born 15 years earlier. 
The Perks of Being A Wallflower also takes on a challenging topic of abuse, drugs, alcohol, and homosexuality and how all of that fits into the 90's. Wish You Were Here takes on topics of divorcee, moving, alcohol, relationships, sucidie, and of course High School in Indiana. 
Again this is my random thought, and much like random thoughts it rambles and is probably very confusing but also logical! Hope you enjoy it and look for a couple every week or so!