Saturday, May 3, 2014

College... I'm only a Junior!

  I just got back from a full trip to Kentucky and back in less than 24 hours! 7 hours were of driving and 9 hours were of sleeping! So it has been a busy weekend already! 
   I am excited to be looking at schools and preparing for the coming four years that college in tells but I am also not wanting to put in all the effort of looking at colleges! I just want to be like here.. I want to go to (file in name later) school and then they tell me that I am accepted!!! Is that really that hard!!!! 
   Anyways!! I got a really cute Lilly Pulitzer dress out of the college trip! Can't wait to get even more later over the summer on shopping road trips! My favorite new store- Peppermint Palm in Louisville! They are fabulous and will help with all your Lilly needs. Plus they have a website- so google them sometime! 
   Have a happy Saturday to all and enjoy the rest of your weekend!