Thursday, May 15, 2014

Prom Eve!

   It's the eve of my junior prom! #cray #omg #prom #yolo #music #bestnightever  I am sure these are sure to be some hashtags on my Instagram and Twitter feed tomorrow night! I am so much looking forward to prom, so much so that I bought my dress 4 months ago-in the beginning of January. (So I have been waiting months to wear my dress!)
   Tomorrow I will go through the whole routine of prom-paring (it's like preparing but for prom). I will wake up almost as early as I do for school, but be happy because I will be getting my nails done! Followed by a lovely lunch with my mom and see a movie- The Other Woman (So hyped). Then get my hair done and pick up the boutonniere, before making my way home to get my dress on and do last minute touches! Then I will spend about an hour or so taking pictures, until my teeth hurt. Finally get in the limo with my date and friends and head out to prom!
   I can't wait to post real pictures from my prom probably on Saturday's post! However, until then here is a wonderful classic prom look for any theme and any girl :)
Dress: Donna Morgan 'Laura'
Shoes: Menbur 'Franz' (Similar)
Necklace: David Yurman (Original)
Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Clutch: Jimmy Choo (Original)
(Both the Clutch and the Necklace could be
found for cheaper at Charming Charlie's)