Friday, May 23, 2014

#fbf (Flash Back Friday) #prom

   It has been a week now, since one of the best nights of my life! I had a wonderful time at my Junior prom. I had the perfect dress, hair, friends, date, and everything else. I went with my GBF (Gay Best Friend) and longtime friend, I have known him since 2nd Grade. Then we went with two other couples and had just the best time!
   In past year's I have had problems with prom. My Freshman year I went and my hair was a mess, because I got it done by my normal hair salon, and didn't have the courage to tell them that I didn't like it. So my mom rushed me to another salon and they repaired it as much as possible. (Tip #1: Go to a place that you KNOW is good at updos and not your regular salon, to make sure you get the right look.) Another thing I learned my Freshman year was dress length; it is important your dress is long enough that it hits the floor barefoot and not too short for heels. Otherwise, you will have people stepping on your dress all night or even your heels can be catching on your dress. (Tip #2: Get your dress length perfect-alterations if needed.) Lastly something I learned from my Freshman and Sophomore year, is to make sure you go with people that you will have fun with. If that is a date in a big group of couples, or a girls group, then do what makes you happy. (Tip #3: Go with people that will have a good time, because they can make or break your night!)
   Hopefully these 3 tips will help improve your prom experience, because it sure helped me for this year! I had the best prom night ever with good friends and a fun group! I can't wait till next year :)
Prom 2014 #bestnightever