Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer...Where art thou?

   I am down to less than three weeks left of school and then three days of finals and then I AM DONE!- Senior Year begins!!!! I am looking forward to all of that excitement but first off, Prom is on Friday and I couldn't be more excited! (I will be sure to post pics and also a recap on this prom filled season of fashion-sometime this coming weekend!) I am looking forward to graduation and all the parties to celebrate close friends that I have had for three years now! But also I am just excited for SUMMER!!!
   I always have a summer bucket list, something I can look at and pick something to do when bored. I finally feel so involved and positive there is NO WAY for me to be bored that this summer, I won't have a bucket list. I will experience everything unplanned and enjoy the special moments that will come with that! However, I will be doing a lot of traveling and working, and of course playing volleyball- got to prepare for senior year volleyball! I am looking forward to all the fun days by the pool, shopping with friends, road trips to college and amusement parks, and hopeful some just good relaxing days. (That's what summer is all about anyways, relaxing before school starts up)- I will need a lot of relaxing before Senior year, you can count on that!!!
   It's officially t-minus 25 days till Summer for me!! What is your count-down? :)