Friday, June 6, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

   The Fault In Our Stars, is the best movie ever! If that isn't true, it's at least the best movie of the summer-no competition! I went last night to the early premiere at 9:00pm and at 11:26pm when the movie was over, I had cried, laughed, and fell in love with every moment of the movie. I can't explain in words how wonderful the movie was, including the fact that I had read the book last summer. (I had high hopes for the movie and it turned out even better than expected!) The movie was on point with the book, even down to the little details. They did have to cut out some things here and there but mostly it was Augustus being really sick at the end, which was already tough enough to see in the movie. I recommend that ever see the movie and read the book!!! Thank you John Green for the amazing lives of Hazel and Augustus in your wonderful book :)
P.S. The soundtrack is amazing, it gives so much emotion to the movie!!!! So you should probably check that out also!